Software development

We also offer sophisticated solutions for optimising your products in the area of ​​software development. As a supplement to the hardware we develop for you, you receive a software interface tailored to your wishes.


Driver development

Our products perfectly integrate into existing systems, and form the optimal interface between your hardware and the higher software layers. Hardware abstractions are created based on your requirements, which provide your software with defined interfaces for controlling the hardware.


Microcontroller programming

Whether embedded in the FPGA or as a chip solution, microcontrollers in industrial control systems are often an ideal solution. We will also gladly program the software functionality for you in ANSI-C.


Linux on embedded systems

Demands on the software functionality of modern systems are steadily increasing. At the same time, current microcontrollers, processors, and FPGAs offer the possibility of using Linux as an operating system, which already includes many of today's required functions (e.g. FTP server, web interface, file system, updateability). With our development partner Pengutronix, we port Linux to your system and adapt the functionality to your requirements. During new development of hardware, optimal coordination of software and hardware is already taken into account.



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