EMC-compliant design

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is not only the prerequisite for the CE labelling of an electronic device, but is a basic component of a robust and reliable system.

Non-EMC-compliant PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) are often the cause of increased radiation and malfunctions of the entire system. This can lead to problems, such as sporadic errors and limited data transfer speeds, even in a malfunction-free environment. If additional radiation from outside influences the electronics, this can lead to complete failure of the system. Subsequent elimination of EMC problems for an existing electronic assembly is complex, cost-intensive, and leads to a delayed market launch.

EMC-compliant design of the system, from drafting and creating the wiring diagram, through to EMC-optimised routing of the PCB, creates a robust electronic product that reliably operates even under difficult conditions. Optimal layer construction of the PCB ensures a stable supply system, which is additionally suitable for absorbing and attenuating disturbances.

Take advantage of af inventions' EMC expertise and experience in your project. We offer you EMC competence, from design and development through to testing your system. We would be pleased to advise you on how to make your existing system more reliable, or to perform an EMC-optimised redesign of your assembly. We also provide the best possible signal integrity and supply integrity with our experience in developing complex processor and FPGA systems for new developments.



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