FMC CAN-FD Adapter Card

The FMC CAN-FD Adapter Card provides two isolated CAN-FD channels with a maximum datarate of 5 Mbit/s.

The board uses a TI TCAN1042HG CAN-FD Transceiver with seperate isolated power supply. The CAN signals are connected to the FMC connector through isolation and level-converter devices. The CAN-bus can be attached to the board through a boxed header or DSUB-9 connector. The termination can be adjusted to the respective requirements through jumpers and assembly options. There are test points (loops) for all important singals, where a detailed analysis can be helpful for the signals (GND, Vcc, CAN H/L, CAN RXD/TXD). Additionally, the board has 8 GPIOs protected with diodes for independent usage.

The FMC CAN-FD Adapter Board enables an easy and quick connection of CAN(-FD) busses to FPGAs boards for rapid prototyping. Due to the isolation of the CAN-FD transceivers, the board is especially suited for advanced environments, e.g automotive or industrial solutions.


  • FMC LCP Standard Connector
  • 2 isolated CAN-FD channels with maximum 5 Mbit/s
  • TI TCAN1042HG CAN-FD Transceiver (exchangeable)
  • Boxed-Header and 9-pin D-SUB Connector
  • Freely configurable termination and Mode Pin function
  • Test Points (Loops) for CAN Signals und Voltages
  • 8 protected GPIOs

FMC CAN-FD Adapter Card Documentation



The single unit price is 399€ plus shipping and taxes (if applicable).

To order the FMC CAN-FD Adapter Card (only for commerical customers and universities), please send us an email to with your contact details and the required amount. We will immediately send you an offer with including a date of delivery.



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